Welcome to the Worldwide Love Story

It's our mission to raise the vibration of love on the planet, one love story at a time. 

Together, we're creating a love-centric platform of user-generated, location-based, collaborative love stories offering community, connection & hope.

If "Humans of New York" (or if you want to take it way back, "Chicken Soup for the Soul") and Google Earth had a love child, it would be the Worldwide Love Story. 


What We Believe

It's our mission to raise the vibration of love on the planet, one love story at a time. It's our hope that you join us, as there are distinct, creative ways to get involved. Before you decide what or how, we would like to share with you our why.  

We Are One

We believe love is the red thread that connects us as a human race. 

Love, it's in our DNA. 



Yet Unique

We believe that no two loves are the same, and that's a beautiful thing. Now more than ever, let's honor and respect one another and our differences.  

We Have Wisdom

We believe that by sharing our stories we demonstrate both the depth and simplicity of love. 


Yet Much to Learn

We believe that those of us who are still trying to get it 'right', have loved and lost, or wish to strengthen exisiting love can learn from those with insight, experience and wisdom. 

We Make the Connection

Now more than ever, we have the capacity to positively impact the lives of others. We believe in using technology, for good. 


We Are Love, in Motion

It's the 'blue car effect'. But with love. Not only do we see love everywhere, we believe it's possible... for us. We are love in motion. 


Do you have a love story?

Are you love in motion?

Do you want to be involved in raising the vibration of love on the planet? 

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Are you a wealth of knowledge with world and business experience?  

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